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Non Standard Wills

 Circumstances which would mean a Will would not be straightforward and costs will be based on the applicable fixed fee which applies to the circumstances are typically:

  • If you own a property with someone who is not your husband, wife or civil partner;
  • If you wish to make provision for a dependant who is unable to care for themselves;
  • There are several family members who may make a claim on the Will, for example a second wife or children from a first marriage;
  • Your permanent home is not in the UK;
  • Your permanent home is in the UK but you have property overseas;
  • Your estate includes business property;
  • You wish to dispose of your estate to a number of individuals and/or charities in fractional shares or percentages, with substitute beneficiaries;
  • Drafting a Letter of Wishes;
  • You wish to include a trust.



On average, drafting a straightforward Will can be dealt with within 1-2 weeks or as the urgency requires. This is from taking instructions and execution. Wills which are not Standard can take between 3-4 weeks but each matter has its own separate circumstances and are dependent upon having all the correct information to hand and taking into consideration any amendments or alterations to original instructions.

As part of the process we will:

  • Provide you with a dedicated and casehandler to listen to your wishes and work on your matter
  • Provide a Wills Questionnaire for completion prior to initial interview or go through the Questionnaire upon initial meeting
  • Attend upon you to discuss your requirements
  • Take detailed instructions in order to draft your Will(s) to include requesting details of assets and liabilities, names and addresses of proposed executors
  • Advise on the law and inheritance tax issues
  • Draft your Will(s) to accurately reflect your wishes and send to you a draft Will and covering letter confirming the contents for consideration and approval
  • Respond to any queries and concerns in the Will drafting process and deal with any amendments to the drafts as appropriate
  • Attend with you to go through the Will and carry out formal execution upon approval
  • Provide you with a certified copy
  • Store your Will safely and securely at our offices free of charge.

Standard Simple Wills                     

For example, a Standard Simple Wil typically:

  •  Appoints one or more executors, and possibly a replacement executor;
  • Sets out your funeral wishes and for organ donation
  • May appoint a guardian or guardians
  • Gives up to three legacies
  • Gives the residue outright to the survivor of a couple, or their children
  • Provides for substitute beneficiaries such as brothers and sisters.